Starting as a Pre-University institution, from 1971, subjects such as English, Lushai (MIL), Economics, Political Science and History were introduced. Due to high demand, even before a permission was received, degree classes were started from 1973 and students were made to sit for exam under the name of Pachhunga Memorial College. From 1975 permission was granted to open Degree classes; starting from Arts subject, only Pass course can be introduced. The following were the various ways in which progress and development was seen in different departments:

1). In Political Science and History, Honours class was introduced from 1979.

2). Geography and Education subjects were introduced into College from 1981, Degree course was started from 1984 and we were given permission to introduce Honours course from 1986.

3). During 1998-99 session, Honours subject was offered in English, Mizo and Economics departments. While English and Economics departments had Honours consecutively, it was very inaccessible that Mizo department, after having regular honours for quite a long time, could not continue from 2008 onwards as students who do not take Elective paper in Higher Secondary School were not allowed to opt Mizo honours under Mizoram University. But after the introduction of semester system from 2011, any students who wish to opt Mizo as core subject can do so.

In accordance to the permission granted by Govt. of Mizoram, Pre-University Science courses were offered in 1995. By the end of 1996, NEHU had granted us the permission to open three years pass course Degree Science, and thus it was newly introduced from 1997-98 session. As new National Education Policy was framed, from 1997 onwards Pre-university level was shifted to High School; and so we have only Degree courses in the College. During 2001-02 session, introduction of Honours course was sought in different subjects and necessary fees were paid accordingly. The request was granted and permission to offer Honours subjects in Physics, Chemistry and Botany was given within June 2003-May 2006. These are the subjects presently offered in Science stream: Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics.

To establish Department of Computer Science (BCA) in the College, steps had been taken since 2004 and not just once were applications sent to the government. Due to various problems the government could not grant permission to open the Department. In 2008 NEC (North Eastern Council) gave 31 computers and 2 printers to the College and in that same year on Independence Day, 15.8.2008, the Govt. of Mizoram had granted the permission to open BCA courses in our College.

In the year Department of Computer Science was opened, classes could not be started right away since the session clashed with other institution. Therefore, Pu Suakbuanga, Principal had taken immediate steps to start BCA 1st Batch at least from June 2009. Eligible teachers were sought from various places, but since adequate requirement could not be found, the department was opend boldly with just one MCA teacher.

Thus, BCA 1st Batch was started from June 2009 and 33 students were admitted. From the beginning the department had faced different difficulties, yet it is fortunate that in spite of all that it managed to move on. At the present, they have students in I, II and III year (I Sem, III Sem and V Sem), with number of students increasing continually. The department has 7 (seven) teachers.

Since it is at its inception state, Prof. Lalthanpuia, Physics Department efficiently takes charge of Course Co-ordinatorship.

In order to prepare students belonging to SC/ST and minority communities to succeed in civil service examinations, under an UGC sponsored coaching programme, classes were organised outside the teaching hours at Govt. Champhai College. After a written exam, 29 applicants were selected for the programme. Before the coaching class began, a meeting of the Advisory Committee was held on the 14th July 2010 at the chairman’s (Principal’s) chamber and it was decided that for the first year of the coaching programme, coaching should be given on the compulsory subjects of the Mizoram Civil Service Examinations as that was the wish expressed by almost all the students who were selected for the programme. As able and experienced external resource persons were not available, selected teachers from the college itself were used as resource persons.
The coaching class was started on the 19th July 2010 and it was completed on the 28th October 2010. A total of 320 classes of one hour duration were organised during this period. Dr CJ George was the co-ordinator of the programme.

One of the participants of the coaching class, Lalhmingliani was successful in the Mizoram Civil Service written examinations conducted soon after the coaching programme was over. However, the coaching programme could not be continued for the subsequent years due to non-availability of funds. It is hoped that the coaching classes will be resumed in the near future.

Under the UGC sponsored scheme remedial coaching class for ST/SC and minority community students, the college received funds for four (4) years: 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2006. Classes were conducted for the students of this college from Monday to Saturday outside the college routine. The details of the remedial coaching classes conducted are:

22.6.1999 to 26.11.1999 for BA I students.
19.7.1999 to 20 11.1999 for Class XI Science students
01.06.2000 to 27.11.2000 for BA I & BA II students.
01.06.2001 to 12.11.2001 for BA II & BA III students.
05.06.2006 to 26.10.2006 for BA I, BSc I, BA III & BSc III students.

The remedial coaching classes immensely helped the students to perform well in the University examinations. Dr CJ George was the co-ordinator of the above mentioned programme.

After 2006, though we were not getting fund for organising official remedial coaching classes, every department of the college has been identifying weak students in the respective subject and conducting remedial coaching classes voluntarily.

IGNOU Study Centre was opened in the College from 4/1/2002, wherein various programmes are offered. They are: BPP, B.A, B.Com, MEG, CWEG, CIG, CFN, CES, CTE, and CPP. Many students have passed the varied courses since then.
The first appointed Coordinator was Dr. F. Lalhmingsanga, who later on left the college to become the Principal of Gov't T. Romana College, Aizawl. The post of Coordinator was then entrusted to Asso. Prof. Lalchhanhimi Khiangte, who continued till date. At present, there are one Coordinator (Asso. Prof. Lalchhanhimi Khiangte), one Assistant Coordinator (Asst. Prof. Zirsangliana Paite) and five supporting staff namely Pu K. Lalthlengliana, Pi Vanlalhmuaki, Pu B. Lalawmpuia and Pu Pachhunga.

The total number of volume in the library is at present 13,011. Most of the financial sources came from UGC funding, and donations received from college benefactors time and again.

The following are the list of books in different departments:
1. Political Science - 816
2. Law - 129
3. Public Administration - 129
4. History - 1373
5. Sociology - 245
6. Economics - 923
7. Education - 960
8. Psychology - 103
9. Geography - 524
10. Geology - 79
11. Bachelor of Computer Application - 482
12. Physics - 522
13. Mathematics - 485
14. Botany - 332
15. Mizo - 1186
16. Zoology - 282
17. Chemistry - 313
18. English - 1976
19. General - 477
20. Reference - 623
21. UGC Coaching - 1052
22. Periodicals (Journals) - 10
23. News Letter - 3
24. Local News Paper - 3

National Service Scheme (NSS) was started in the year of 1969 in India, to bring out opportunities to render valuable help to other people by the students was the main purpose. The Motto of NSS is ‘Not me but you’, which otherwise means, "not for my gain but for your benefit".

The NSS unit was established in our College in 1974 with one unit, that means One Hundred Volunteers. As students enrolment of the College was much better in the days of the combined Pre-University Courses and Degree Courses in the College, we have had Five (5) Units. But under the National Education Programme which dictated the Pre-University course to be attached to High School, the units were reduced to three till date.
The names of the Programme Officers of our College from the beginning up to this current session are as given below:

Prof. Vanlalzuata
Prof. Chhawnvunga
Prof. BS Kailiana
Prof. H. Hmingthanzauva
Prof. Zirsangliana Paite
Prof. C. Laldailova I PO (at present)
Prof. R. Lalchhuanawma II PO (at present)
Prof. T. Zahmingthangi III PO (at present)

It is a great pleasure indeed to see the NSS members of our college units, sparing no pains to the fulfilment of the schemes with all their activities and earnestness. Due to the excellent services rendered by the NSS volunteers under the erstwhile North Eastern Hill University, our Units were selected to do ‘Activity’ abroad in other states two times. During the last academic session, the N.A.S Chapter, Rajasthan organised NSS Winter Adventure camp at Bikaner during 3.1.2012 - 10.1.2012, four volunteers from our units attended and participated fruitfully. They are -

1) Lalbiakhlui, II Sem. B.C.A
2) Mimie Lalhminghlui, II yr. B.A
3) Remruatpuia, II Sem. B.A
4) VL Hmangaihdawngtharzela, II Sem. B.A

There are two kinds of activities of NSS - Special Camping activity and Regular activity. From the beginning, we have many Special camping in and around Champhai town with various themes like : Youth Against Dirt and Diseases; Youth for Afforestation; Rodent Control Camping; Youth for Cleanliness; National Integration; Youth for Water Conservation; Healthy youth for healthy India; Health, sanitation and personal hygiene etc. All these works were carried out under the guidance of Programme Officers with others organisations in a befitting manner.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) Senior Division of our College was established in 2005 under 1st Mizo Bn. NCC, Aizawl, Mizoram, having allotment of 56 cadets. The first Officer in-charge, designated as CTO, of NCC was Shri H.Hmingthanzauva, Asso. Professor, Department of History. The second CTO was Shri Lalnunpuia, Asst. Professor, Department of Physics. The existing Officer in-charge, designated as Care-Taker, is Shri Lalthanpuia, Asst. Professor, Department of Physics.

The main activities of NCC in our college are to have regular drill/parade classes in the college premises. While learning drill/parade by themselves, sometimes, instructors from outside are hired as well. It is now a regular activity to participate in nationally important ceremonies like Republic Day, Independence Day, etc. as a parade contingent. Cadets are sent every year in training programme like CATC (Combine Annual Training Camp) and other programmes normally held at Tanhril, Aizawl. It is mandatory for a cadet to attend all the trainings to sit in the certificate examination. Our college sent three cadets namely – Lalnunmawia, R.Vanlalvena and T. Zorammuanpuia in All India Coastal Track 2011 at Poory, Orissa. They have completed the course fruitfully and purposefully.

The main aim of NCC is to develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country. It also aims to provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.

Due to the ceaseless devotion rendered by the care-taker/officer in-charge of NCC, our College NCC is marching ahead to achieve the goal and we are eagerly waiting for the new allotment of Senior Wing at our College.

Red Ribbon Club was established in Govt. Champhai College on 17.8.2006. At the initial stage, Asst. Prof. C. Laldawngliana was appointed as Nodal Officer. He took this charge from 2006-2008 but as he had gone for study leave, the charge was given to Asst. Prof. Jennifer Saizamliani. But she too, had left the College due to her transfer to Aizawl, the charge of Nodal Officer is taken up by Asso. Prof. C. Lalnunpuii till date.

All the students of the College are members in the Red Ribbon Club. Out of these students, two or three students are selected as Peer Educator from each class. These Peer Educators are sent to Aizawl for training, and they pass on to their fellow students whatever they learnt out of their training through Power Point Presentation. They put a lot of efforts in every possible way to uplift the main aim of Red Ribbon Club—HIV/AIDS awareness campaign and Blood Donation. They go out to neighbouring villages and distribute AIDS awareness booklet, they also put up posters and distribute condoms to prevent the wide spreading of AIDS.

Using HIV/AIDS as the theme, the Red Ribbon Club used to organise a Debate and Essay Writing competition during College Week and they used to prepare a handsome prize for this.