Whom death did us apart,

1. Dolênga RIP, 21.11. 1979
2. Sangthansiama RIP, 03.12.1985
3. R.Lalthansanga RIP, 15.04.1993
4. Barmana RIP, 06.12.1997
5. Lalramnghaka RIP, 26.03.2004
6. Dr. Helen Hmar RIP, 14.08.2012
7. Donald Lalbiaktluanga RIP, 04.07.2013

While we work in solidarity, you departed from us, to the immortal land where sorrow’s not known and crying a no-more, for which shall when our tears dry in this worrisome and mortal land?

“Though we depart in tears now
When we reach the heavenly paradise
Shall we meet happily again with loved ones”