In order to prepare students belonging to SC/ST and minority communities to succeed in civil service examinations, under an UGC sponsored coaching programme, classes were organised outside the teaching hours at Govt. Champhai College. After a written exam, 29 applicants were selected for the programme. Before the coaching class began, a meeting of the Advisory Committee was held on the 14th July 2010 at the chairman’s (Principal’s) chamber and it was decided that for the first year of the coaching programme, coaching should be given on the compulsory subjects of the Mizoram Civil Service Examinations as that was the wish expressed by almost all the students who were selected for the programme. As able and experienced external resource persons were not available, selected teachers from the college itself were used as resource persons.

The coaching class was started on the 19th July 2010 and it was completed on the 28th October 2010. A total of 320 classes of one hour duration were organised during this period. Dr CJ George was the co-ordinator of the programme.


One of the participants of the coaching class, Lalhmingliani was successful in the Mizoram Civil Service written examinations conducted soon after the coaching programme was over. However, the coaching programme could not be continued for the subsequent years due to non-availability of funds. It is hoped that the coaching classes will be resumed in the near future.